Independent, privately owned fiduciary and investment services company

The Lancaster Way

Independent Trustee in Guernsey

We are an independent trust and investment services company based in Guernsey. We help our clients secure a lasting legacy of financial prosperity and security through our specialist fiduciary, corporate and investment services.

Since 2007, our blend of independence and expertise has provided private and corporate clients with a bespoke, personal service combined with an innovative and flexible approach.

We focus on trust and corporate services, using our collective expertise to establish and maintain trusts, foundations, companies and other financial vehicles. We often respond with bespoke solutions for very specific or unusual structuring requirements. We also hold an investment license and can monitor clients’ investment assets providing them with oversight and assurance.

Our responsive team builds strong and long-term relationships. We put our clients first, and they value our counsel on corporate matters and our discretion in dealing with legacy and wealth protection challenges.

Based in Guernsey, Lancaster is proud to operate in a jurisdiction renowned for financial services innovation, security, substance, and professionalism.

“Our philosophy is to provide an exceptional level of service, personally tailored to each client’s needs, on a confidential and discreet basis.”
Simon Graham, Group Chief Executive Officer.

Private clients

We understand family dynamics and the importance of family governance and forward-thinking succession planning for long-term asset protection and legacy security. Find out more.

Corporate Services

We specialise in corporate financial structures and work closely with clients and their advisers to provide expert asset-holding services and other corporate solutions. Learn more.



Simon is the founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Lancaster Guernsey. Simon has held positions at a number of international banks and fiduciary companies before setting up Lancaster in 2007. Simon has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and specialises in all aspects of managing structures for ultra-high net worth individuals. Simon is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.