Independent, privately owned fiduciary and investment services company

The Lancaster Way


Independence, reputation, availability, immediacy, connectivity and discretion are the principles on which Lancaster has built its business.

When we set up Lancaster in 2007 it was as a deliberate alternative to the way large financial corporations operated. The philosophy we brought in was to place the client at the centre of everything, for us to be available 24/7 and to maximise our many contacts for their benefit. All this would be done promptly, appropriately and with the highest levels of confidentiality.


We offer many services from Guernsey. If clients want to preserve their wealth through estate planning, asset protection and tax mitigation we can manage funds, partnerships, foundations, trusts, holding companies or any combination to achieve their goals. We can also manage the administration of existing structures for clients who want personal service.


The evolution of the Lancaster way of working included a look at the potential de-stabilising factors in a relationship and we realised there is nothing more frustrating for a client than to be put on hold by some invisible voice that doesn’t know who they are.

That doesn’t happen at Lancaster. Because of our size, the whole team will know about you, your structure and the transactional requirements you have. It is a group approach that works and is positive for clients.


We hand-pick our staff and have an excellent team of multi-taskers with shared values and objectives. We staff at the right level too. When you call we all have the experience to do the task at hand and this is reflected in the way we charge. We have hourly rates but charge by the function rather than by rank or job title.


Face to face contact is vital for our business. We don’t think twice about flying to meet a new client or provider. Our size and independence means we can do that quickly. We also spend a lot of time getting the brief right, establishing exactly what a client wants and we don’t hesitate in asking further questions to understand their precise needs.

Our decision to place the client at the heart of our business, coupled with our proximity to London, our excellent team, our independence and our passion to succeed means we have very solid foundations upon which we can do a great job for our clients and for our business to grow.



Simon is the founder and Group Managing Director of Lancaster Guernsey. Simon has held positions at a number of international banks and fiduciary companies before setting up Lancaster in 2007. Simon has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and specialises in all aspects of managing structures for ultra-high net worth individuals. Simon is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.