Independent, privately owned fiduciary and investment services company



Independence gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. At Lancaster we can engage whomever we wish, to get that important advice and, as the protection of our clients is paramount, we look to the gold standard providers within Guernsey and elsewhere.


If, for example, a client needed to get advice on tax changes that have been introduced in their domicile, a big institution would invariably turn to their own tax department with internal reference points. Most trust companies are owned by banks or other large global organisations with products to sell and targets dictated by that group. Their processes can be cumbersome and lengthy and may create a tension in the client relationship.


Because of our independence we are able to approach advisors unencumbered. In this example, the appropriate answer might come from any one of the Big Four (or indeed a niche advisor) – allowing us to advise the client both promptly and impartially. We can do that precisely because we have no ties to other organisations.


Our independence also means agility. Because of our closely controlled, hands-on, risk-management approach we can make a quick decision and take on business that other companies will systematically decline.

Lancaster is free to use any professional partner – if it is right for the client.