Independent, privately owned fiduciary and investment services company

Private Wealth

Private Wealth

We help our private clients secure a lasting legacy of financial prosperity and security for their families.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their objectives and protect their wealth for generations to come. We work with international families to understand their unique circumstances and requirements, focusing on building long-term, personal relationships whilst providing discrete, flexible and efficient services.

Our asset protection strategies and succession planning expertise means we can advise families based in multiple locations and across different generations.

Adept at collaborating with an individual’s trusted advisers, the team at Lancaster strives to protect long-term wealth and plan for future generations.

Lancaster is based in Guernsey, a world-leading financial services centre with a reputation for security, regulation and substance. The jurisdiction has been a renowned trust and fiduciary services centre for over 50 years.

Guernsey’s robust constitutional, legislative and regulatory framework provides a safe and secure environment for private wealth, insulated from political volatility and fiscal uncertainty.

Guernsey Trusts, Private Trust Companies and Guernsey Foundations are popular and robust vehicles that can support personal, family, commercial and charitable interests. The Guernsey Private Investment Fund is a simple and cost-efficient route to market for larger families and small groups of sophisticated investors.


  • Asset protection and succession planning
  • Trustee services, including Private Trust Companies, Purpose Trusts, provisions of Protectors, managing and overseeing underlying assets and managing day-to-day affairs of the Trust
  • Foundation services, including working with Council Members, Guardians and managing the underlying assets
  • Investment advisory and consultancy services, including structuring advice and oversight and assurance of investment assets
  • Accounting, secretarial, directorship services and administrative services



Chris joined Lancaster in 2013 as a Director of Lancaster Investment Services Limited and now acts a Consultant for Lancaster Guernsey.  Chris is a director of a number of Guernsey funds and investment companies and has held senior management positions at various firms.  Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.